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5 things to do in Hanover which can make you feel surprising

Hanover is the most underrated city in Germany, but it has much to offer t people. The City itself gives a very modern and chic vibe, but did you know it has been around since the 11th century?

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The city was a victim of the second world war; it was 90% destroyed and was rebuilt again. The history that resides in Hanover with a mix of modern is enough to quench a traveler’s thirst; let’s see what you can do in Hannover if you ever visit!

Top things to do in Hanover:

Start from the old town

Right in the heart, if Hannover is the old town, which is an excellent spot to start your sightseeing spree, the old town is so intriguing because of the old churches and historical buildings located there.

Several beautiful gothic buildings are a must-see, an old town is a perfect place if you want to feel just how Hannover used to be. 

The red thread

The government of Hanover did a pretty good job when it comes to guiding tourists along with history. The Red thread is a 4.5 km long trail painted in red; you can sell yourself and enjoy the view of some ancient churches, the opera house and many exotic looking museums.

You can even get a very cheap brochure kind of guide to get a full view of where you are heading and what you are looking at.

The famous delight

Rouladen is stapled comfort food in Germany, which is served almost everywhere; it’s a mix of veal and pork along with beef.

The outer part of this food is like a sausage, but the filling is the real deal. If you are not a fan of the meat such as pork or beef, then don’t worry because there are other meat options too.

Beer at Biergarten

Beer is something which is counted as a specialty when it comes to drinks in Germany, so how can you miss out on this part, right? Have the privilege to enjoy up to ten kinds of different bears at Biergarten. There is much more than just beer here; you can enjoy various types of wines and fulfilling local food such as gyros. 

Not to forget about the venue, which is open and beautiful, along with a space separate for kids so you can have some me-time.

The classical end to your day

Nothing in this world screams art more than the classical theater performances. Enjoy beautiful and mind-blowing stage dramas and performances at the opera house, which was built in the 19th century. 

Even if you are not feeling like sitting in and enjoying the act, you can always explore the exterior of the building, which is flooded with astounding art and different paintings that explains a lot about the culture in Hanover.

Hannover, in the end, is a beautiful yet intriguing town that is perfect for a romantic couple’s trip, and even if you are all by yourself, a little history digging won’t hurt. 

So, these are some of the amazing places to visit in Hanover if you have a plan to visit.