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An industrial remote control

When you watch TV, you use a remote control to operate it. Getting up to click the buttons is not practical at all. Not only that, many TVs no longer even have buttons to operate it manually. So why operate your machines manually? From cranes to hoists to industrial doors. You can operate everything with an industrial remote control. And best of all, you never have to worry about it going flat and running out of batteries. You can get them with a rechargeable Nimh battery.


Why an industrial remote control

An industrial remote control is very useful. In this way you can also control devices that you cannot reach by hand. If you have to walk back and forth to operate a machine, this can take a lot of time. It is therefore also time-saving and ultimately cost-effective. This is because you have more time left and can work faster and more efficiently. Because an industrial remote control can be used on many different devices, it is never a wrong purchase. There is always a device in your possession that can be easily controlled from a distance. So it will always be a good addition to your workshop. You may end up wanting more than one because it’s so convenient.


The advantage of a Nimh battery

A Nimh battery is a battery that you can charge. This is always useful. You don’t always have new batteries at hand. In addition, it also saves costs. Charging a battery costs less money than buying a new battery. But even if a battery is sold out or is no longer made, you will have no problems with it. You can always charge the battery. A Nimh battery is specifically good for industrial remote control because these batteries are suitable for devices that consume a lot of power in a short time. Due to the high self-discharge, these batteries also lose energy if they are not used or used little. That’s why it’s all the easier that you can also charge them. If they run empty fast you don’t have to purchase a new one when you didn’t even use your machine.