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Explanation about the overhead crane

If you work in the industry, you probably know better than anyone what an overhead crane is. If you are not used to being at home, the term overhead crane may require some explanation. An overhead crane is used for lifting and moving objects across the width of a workshop. The overhead crane controls over girders that are made in the workshop. The overhead crane is generally always operated with a remote control for industry. There is a single girder crane and a double girder crane.



The main purpose of an overhead crane is to move heavy loads from five to tens of tons. How many tons can be moved with a crane is indicated on the crane. For safety, the operation of the overhead crane is also with a remote control for industry.


How does the remote control for industry work?

How a remote control works is actually very simple. A transmitter transmits data by pressing a button or switch or by turning a potentiometer. The data is then checked by a radio module in the receiver and then sent. A pre-programmed task is performed by the receiver as soon as it receives a signal from an enabled transmitter.


Single Girder Overhead Crane

When we talk about a single girder overhead crane, it refers to a single girder, which moves over the rails. The overhead crane is always attached under this girder. If you choose this construction, you can lift up to a maximum of 12.5 tons. This makes this crane suitable for medium loads.


Double Girder Overhead Crane

This crane is basically the same as the single girder, only this crane has two girders. As a result, the construction of this crane also takes up more space. This type of crane is made for heavy duty work, allowing this crane to lift fifty tons or more.



Will an overhead crane be purchased? Then a single girder is cheaper than a double girder. It remains difficult to give an indication of the price of the tap. If you pay attention to the carrying capacity, length, height and use, the prices vary a lot. So if you are looking for a single girder or a double girder, it is best to request a customized quote for the best price indication. That way you can be sure that the tap is suitable for your building.