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Instagram is making changes

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it is now easier to delete comments, block people and you can pin any comment to the very top of the post

Instagram makes it easy to block people and remove comments to suppress insults and bullying. The app also adds the ability to pin comments in posts.

Instagram users will be able to delete up to 25 unwanted comments at once, rather than one at a time. Likewise, users will be able to block multiple people at the same time. The app adds a feature that will allow users to “pin” certain comments to posts, which, according to the company, “gives people the ability to set the tone for their account and engagement with their community by pinning a selected number of relevant comments.”

And third, Facebook allows users to set limits on who can tag and reference their Instagram account. This feature can be set for everyone or only for people that the user follows.

Instagram has largely escaped the scandals that have plagued its parent company Facebook over the past few years, but the app has been criticized by some for its alleged mental health impact and its role in online harassment.

Since then, the company has been working hard to address the issue, introducing new tools to control which comments might appear in user posts, and using artificial intelligence to track down potentially offensive comments.

Along with the release of new features, Facebook also released a biannual report on community standards compliance – it talks about Facebook’s content moderation work and how it identifies harassment, bullying, hate speech and other illegal activities on its social networks. or inappropriate content.

Facebook also announced that it has created a new dataset of more than 10,000 “hate memes” that it is sharing with researchers so they can develop technologies to help defend against hate speech online.

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