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Back pressure regulators explained

The Equilibar back pressure regulator is a very unique and technical product. It maintains the upstream pressure ai its inlet. With patented technology and amazing features this back pressure regulator enables you to control the pressure in any chemical process. The product is avaiable all over the world. Using this product for low flow, mixed phase fluids and extreme temperatures, this product is a must-have! It is very suitable for almost every industry! More information is to be found on the website of and you will find no other application that works as great as Equilibar.

About pressure control solutions

Pressure Control Solutions is a company based in Veenendaal in the center of The Netherlands. The company is specialized in pressure control solutions, as the name could have already told you. Pressure Control Solutions has a lot of experience with pressure controlling. They also are the official and exclusive dealer for Equilibar products in Western Europe. This means they have the exclusive right to distribute Equilibar back pressure regulators to Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Flemish Belgium, Austria and the German part of Switzerland. Outside of these countries the company is not allowed to distribute the Equilibar back pressure regulators. However, Pressure Control Solutions is also limited to these countries for distribution. Outside of these countries they are not allowed bij Equilibar to distribute the products.


Request a quote for a Back Pressure Regulator

If you would like to receive a quote from Pressure Control Solutions for an Equilibar back pressure regulator, you can visit the website to request one. You can also contact them by phone. On the website there is a special quotation tool to easily request a tool specific for your application. A few examples of applications for the back pressure regulator are Research Applications, Flow Control Applications, Level Control Applications, Industrial Applications, Sanitary Applications, Vacuum Applications and Pump Control Applications. If you would like to receive personal advice that is specifief for your niche, please contact Pressure Control Solutions for more detailed information. They are please to help you to answer all of your questions.