Vindazo – Fundamentals of Project Management, Online Solutions Group

Fundamentals of Project Management In this Video, you will learn the most important skills and the most applicable tools for successful project management quickly and effectively. The skills you will learn Learn agile project management and Scrum and Kanban methods. Use basic tools such as Gantt charts, PERT charts and critical path methods to master […]

Find vacation rentals at Aruba real estate

Are you going on holiday to Aruba soon and are you therefore looking for a place to stay? There are plenty of hotels and resorts in Aruba that you can search for, but how nice and pleasant is a private stay? Where you can enjoy a wonderful stay with your partner or family where no […]

real go-getter and a born leader?

  Have you always imagined yourself working in an international environment? Have you been waiting for the next big adventure to happen? Are you fascinated by international companies? Have you answered “yes” three times? Then you must apply for an international management course! In this program, you will learn everything from global marketing to international […]

Looking for a house in Holland? Follow these steps

Are you studying or working in the Netherlands, you need to move for a specific reason and you don’t know where to look? Then we have something special for you. Moving to another house in a foreign country can be very hard. Especially, when the first house hunt didn’t go quite as well as you’d […]

Every biogas analyser from this company is a turnkey product

If you need a fast, robust and versatile biogas analyser, it may be recommended to contact the experts over at GAS. With over 40 years of experience, these developers can create a bespoke solution for your analytical activities. Every biogas analyser developed by GAS is known as high-quality analytical equipment that adheres to the most […]


The environmental impact of fashion waste is huge. The US sends 350,000 tons of garments to waste disposal every year. And since most clothes are manufactured from oil-based materials such as polyester, 22,67 billion tons of polyester clothing are produced worldwide every year, it doesn’t work quickly. If oil is burnt, hazardous substances will be […]

Increase the milk production of your cows with high-quality supplements

Are you looking for ways to increase the milk production of your cows? Kimtec International has developed different ranges of dairy feed supplements to improve the calcium intake of your animals. In this manner, you effectively prepare your dairy cattle for calving and prevent death amongst your animals. One of their products is called KatAn, […]

Use the best skincare products for men

Would you like to make your skin look and feel radiant and healthy? Start using the best skincare products for men that were developed by The Grey on a daily basis and experience the excellent results yourself. Positive results are guaranteed when using the skincare collection of The Grey, as they only used the best […]

Order a Taxi Online from Schiphol airport

Order a Taxi Online – What You Need to Consider Before Riding the taxi If you wish to take a taxi from Schiphol to Amsterdam, it could take you over 2 hours. It is advisable to order a taxi online therefore, take the public transport or the train. Note that in Amsterdam, everything is very […]

As a fan of SpaceX you can order a hoodie with print here

SpaceX is a worldwide know company that designs, manufactures and launches advanced rockets and spacecraft since 2002. They revolutionize space technology by even offer the opportunity to carry humans to Mars! One Thing is for sure: this company is very special and have a lot of fans. All these fans have gathered at the world’s […]