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Every biogas analyser from this company is a turnkey product

If you need a fast, robust and versatile biogas analyser, it may be recommended to contact the experts over at GAS. With over 40 years of experience, these developers can create a bespoke solution for your analytical activities. Every biogas analyser developed by GAS is known as high-quality analytical equipment that adheres to the most important standardised methods for natural gas analysis. Think of GPA, ISO and ASTM, among others. If you have in-company or market-bound standardised methods, make sure to discuss your wishes with the developers. Most of the times, they have the possibility to create a structure that incorporates your every single need.

What kind of configuration fits your company’s needs?

The biogas analyser from GAS is available on Thermo Trace GC 1300 and CompactGC. Dependant on your preferences, the configuration is completely fitted to your needs. From a single valve detector instrument to a comprehensive multichannel biogas analyser – anything is possible with the help of GAS! Every required system configuration is implemented after discussing your needs and wishes. There are also different kind of additional services available when you decide on a biogas analyser from GAS. From supplying useful information about the analysers to a complete training schedule for your employees; GAS offers it all! Simply contact your local dealer to discuss the possibilities in your area when it comes to additional services.

Discover how 40 year of experience translates into a bespoke solution

Would you like to discover how 40 years of experience translates into a bespoke solution for your analytical activities? Do not wait any longer and discover now! Contact the experts over at GAS to receive more information about the possibilities. Schedule an appointment with one of their developers to discuss the important components and configurations of your bespoke biogas analyser. The contact information can be found on their website.