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Looking for a house in Holland? Follow these steps

Are you studying or working in the Netherlands, you need to move for a specific reason and you don’t know where to look? Then we have something special for you. Moving to another house in a foreign country can be very hard. Especially, when the first house hunt didn’t go quite as well as you’d expected. Your stress level is at its highest point at the moment and you don’t want to be homeless soon. Relax, take it easy. We understand the struggle better than anyone, and we definitely don’t want you to live on the streets. After using these steps in this article, you will find a new place to live! 


Inventory your wishes 

At first it is important to know what your wishes and demands are. You need to inventory what kind of house you are looking for. Are you looking for an apartment, room, or detached house? Do you wish to have a garden or do you have any pets? How many rooms do you prefer and do you want to live in or outside the city? After finishing this checklist, it will be easier to look and ask around.  


Join a Facebook group 

When you have completed your inventory list, then it is the right moment to ask people around to help you find a new home! A very effective way to find a new house is to join a Facebook group! There are lots of different groups on the internet where they are offering houses. Many local people, students and expats are member of these groups. So, with just one click on the button you have a large expansion of your network that will help you find a roof above your head! The search hunt for potential Facebook groups can be very though. But you will get there! Just use this search term, for example: apartment for sale Rotterdam, then a lot of people will respond to you. 


Approach a real estate agent  

Another very effective and possible method to find a new home is just to  approach a real estate agent. Several real estate companies are located in towns and cities. Considering to move to Rotterdam,  The Hague, or Amsterdam? Real estate Den Haag is a search term you really need to try.