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real go-getter and a born leader?


Have you always imagined yourself working in an international environment? Have you been waiting for the next big adventure to happen? Are you fascinated by international companies? Have you answered “yes” three times? Then you must apply for an international management course! In this program, you will learn everything from global marketing to international relations and project management. But global supply chain management, sustainability and innovation are also on the agenda. And, because professional skills are most important in the 21st century, we focus on personal, digital and international skills.


Do your friends describe you as enterprising, a real go-getter and a born leader? So do you have a real hands-on mentality? Do you want to start your own business, or prepare yourself thoroughly for a successful career in business? Then the management and entrepreneurship trajectory is definitely something for you!

During this training you will be fully prepared for the business world. Not only the mandatory requirements and legislation to set up a company are discussed, but also the necessary marketing and communication strategies are carefully discussed. After this training you will be an entrepreneur and seller at heart, with knowledge of investment, taxation, marketing and communication. And to be completely up to date with the competencies of the 21st century, we focus on training in personal, digital and international skills.(link is external)


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