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Increase the milk production in your cows with high-quality supplements

Are you looking for ways to increase the milk production in your cows? Kimtec International has developed different ranges of dairy feed supplements to improve the calcium intake of your animals. In this manner, you effectively prepare your dairy cattle for calving and prevent death amongst your animals. One of their products is called KatAn, a supplement that consists of highly effective ammonium chloride. It prevents milk fever and ketosis in your cattle. Which farmer does not want this for his animals?

Healthy animals result in optimal milk production

Restoring or improving the calcium intake of your dairy cows is not only essential for their health but will also result in an increase in their milk production. The experts over at Kimtec International have developed different ways to optimize the feed intake of your cattle, especially during the dry and transition period. By improving their feed intake, your cows will have less risk of getting milk fever. Over the last 25 years, Kimtec International has been devoted to developing the best feed supplements to keep cattle in optimal health. Their products actually aid in preventing calcium deficiency and ketosis, thus resulting in less dairy cows with milk fever. In turn, you will increase the milk production in your cows.

Explore all the different possibilities with one of their experts

Would you like to work together with an expert in the area of feed supplements for dairy cows? Do not wait any longer and start exploring the various product ranges they have developed over at Kimtec International. If needed, these experts can also help you develop a completely bespoke solution for your cattle. Whatever it is you need, at Kimtec International they are more than happy to provide. Explore all the different possibilities with one of their employees. You can find the contact information on their website. Book your appointment now!