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NBA 2K21 – Complete The Idols Series 1 Collection And Get Magic Johnson

NBA 2K21 Idol Series 1 collection is now complete. The last batch of players in this selection has been made available. This means that you can start taking the final steps towards completing the collection. Let’s take a look at the newly added players.


’83 Sidney Moncrief is a shooting guard/point guard with 94 OVR. His attributes are 83 outside scoring, 86 inside scoring, 94 defending, 91 athleticism, 77 playmaking, and 70 rebounding. ’95 Larry Bird comes with 96 OVR and the point forward/small forward position. He has 94 outside scoring, 85 inside scoring, 85 defending, 84 athleticism, 88 playmaking, and 81 rebounding. ’96 Dennis Rodman is a power forward/shooting guard player. His OVR is 91 and his stats are 68 outside scoring, 74 inside scoring, 89 defending, 88 athleticism, 57 playmaking, and 91 rebounding. Brook Lopez has 90 outside scoring, 88 inside scoring, 83 defending, 81 athleticism, 51 playmaking, and 92 rebounding. He is a center player with 93 OVR. Lonzo Ball is point guard/shooting guard that comes with 79 outside scoring, 81 inside scoring, 85 defending, 87 athleticism, 91 playmaking, and 60 rebounding. His OVR is 90. Gary Harris completes the collection. He is a shooting guard/small forward that has 89 OVR. His stats are 88 outside scoring, 74 inside scoring, 85 defending, 85 athleticism, 79 playmaking, and 62 rebounding. Now, let’s see the card that is obtained as a reward for completing this collection. It’s a ’91 Magic Johnson card. The position is point guard/shooting guard and the OVR is 96. This card comes with 89 outside scoring, 94 inside scoring, 91 defending, 92 athleticism, 96 playmaking, and 87 rebounding.


Don’t forget about fun activities such as Steph Curry Moments Agendas. This activity is based on the game in which Curry scored 62 points. You will get 3,000 XP if you complete this challenge. Any Curry card can be used for this activity. Keep in mind that the CURRY-FOR-THREE locker code gives you a Spotlight Challenge Emerald Curry card for free. The FINAL-SEASON-3-PACK locker code grants you a player of choice. There’s another locker code available. All you need to do is to use I-NEED-PD-RJ and you will add a pink diamond Richard Jefferson card to your collection for free. There are many ways to expand your MyTeam collection and there’s also MTStascks. We are here to provide you with NBA 2K21 MT coins and other items. Check out the special deals and place an order now!