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The difference between a Log cabin and a Summerhouse

Decided to invest in a wooden garden building, but aren’t sure whether to choose a log cabin or a summerhouse? Is there a difference between them after all? Although there is no difference in the functionality of the two garden buildings – both can be used as a garden office, a guest room or a hobby room – there are significant differences regarding the construction of each wooden structure. Before you place an order, read this article to find out which one – a log cabin or a summerhouse – is more suitable for you!

Log cabin

What makes the construction of a log cabin unique? When assembling a log cabin, the beams are placed on top of each other, therefore the ends of the beams overlap. The overlapping corner connections are the main characteristic feature which allows distinguishing log cabins from other wooden structures. A classic log cabin has a rustic and solid feel to it. However, garden building manufacturers offer both classic and modern design log cabins to allow everyone to complement their gardens with a log cabin wooden structure.


How the construction of a summerhouse differs from a log cabin? The construction of a summerhouse is exactly the opposite! The ends of the beams do not overlap, thus creating straight or flat corners.The appearance of a summer house, therefore, is slightly lighter and modern than a log cabin. Whether you are looking for a small corner summerhouse or a modern holiday home, a wooden garden building will certainly enhance your garden!

How to use your garden building

Despite the differences regarding construction systems, you can use both a summer house and a log cabin for various purposes from decorating your garden to serving practical everyday purposes. Here are some of the most common ways how you can enjoy your summerhouse or log cabin the most:

–       Playroom for kids

–       Hobby room/ art space

–       Garden office

–       Guest room

–       Gym/ sauna

–       Storage space


Which one – a log cabin or a summerhouse would fit into your garden better?  Or is it still hard for you to decide? Visit to find your perfect garden building. If you’re looking for a more specific solution, it is also possible to create your own bespoke log cabin or summerhouse.