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Why You Should Consider Ductless Heat Pumps

If you are thinking about purchasing a ductless heat pump, it is important to know what types of areas it is best suited for and whether you need them in your home.

Do you have a large, well-insulated home that receives little heat from outside? Perhaps you are located in an area that experiences very hot summers but gets little in return. Perhaps you are simply looking for an economical option to standard heating that is as effective as or more effective than standard systems.

The only time that you really should think about acquiring a ductless heat pump is if you live somewhere with very hot or very cold weather. Ductless air conditioning systems are simply not suited as the main heating method in many parts of Canada. In those cases, you may still use a standard refrigerant to operate your central air conditioning system, but you will want to use a special filter to remove any dust, pollen, or other airborne particles before introducing it into your home.

Another situation in which you may want to consider ductless heat pumps is when you have a very small home. For instance, if you live in an apartment or condominium and you only use half of your house for living space, you can still get a cool, efficient unit. Of course, you will want to set up an additional heating source for the remainder of the house, such as a furnace or wood stove. Even in those situations, however, ductless heat pumps perform quite well. They allow only a small portion of the house to ever become too hot, and they do not become overly expensive.

Even though ductless air conditioners tend to be a bit more expensive than their refrigeration counterparts, the extra money you spend is well worth it. The main reason that they cost more is that you need to purchase a special filtering device. A ductless heat pump unit does not require such filters. However, you must take care of the filtering yourself and ensure that it is changed properly according to manufacturer instructions. Otherwise, you could damage the cooling unit, which could end up costing you much more money.

Most ductless heat pumps come with excellent warranties, which give you peace of mind that you will receive the service for as long as you own the unit. However, you should also consider purchasing emergency ductless heat pump repair services, which can help in the event of a breakdown. It pays to be prepared in case your air conditioning unit breaks down because if you wait to have it fixed when it stops working, you could be out of luck. Having regular maintenance performed on your air conditioning unit is very important because it allows the device to work properly so that you don’t end up wasting energy and money.

Ductless heat pumps are generally very safe to use, even though there is one disadvantage. That disadvantage is that cold air from the outdoors may carry viruses and germs into the indoor unit, where it could cause illness. To solve this problem, the manufacturers of these devices include an outdoor component that has been tested for virus protection. This outdoor component has been called the bypass valve. In order to have the bypass valve activated, you press a switch on the wall next to the thermostat. When you want the outdoor element on, it goes into the bypass position so that the indoor refrigerant flows to the outdoor unit instead of the indoor refrigerant.

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